My name is Ivan. I am a personal coach and home business consultant. Whether it be overcoming personal, professional, or financial barriers, I offer vast personal experience and invaluable resources that help people seeking positive change in their lives to achieve the results they desire.

My experience and training enable me to effectively evaluate, recommend, and inspire productive action. Truly, we do not need permission to win from anyone, but ourselves.

I proudly support the cause of Operation Underground Railroad.

My Personal Mission- Empowering men to empower others.

Empowering men to empower others is important in my life. As an imperfect husband and father who has overcome many challenges, I understand what it is like to feel stuck on a deeply personal level. I also know how to move forward to become better for those who need me to be. I love working with both men and women, yet I find there are few resources offering the support men need. Interestingly enough, it's often women I work with who recommend me to the men in their lives.



Phoenix, AZ

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"We don't need permission to win from anyone, but ourselves!" - Ivan Leger